James Bellringer offers only Male to Female surgery. (He is unfortunately not able to answer queries about FtM surgery) For primary surgery, he almost always recommends a skin tube vaginoplasty; either using a penile inversion technique, where the penile skin tube is used to line the vagina, or a scrotal inlay technique (also known as peno-scrotal flap), where a vascularised flap of scrotum is used to augment the penile skin to create the vaginal lining. More recently, the use of a scrotal island flap has been introduced. The choice of technique is discussed with each patient, but if the patient has been circumcised, it is most probable that a pure penile inversion technique will not be possible. In patients who do not want a vagina, a cosmetic only procedure may be offered.
Mr. Bellringer also offers bowel segment vaginoplasty; either colovaginoplasty using the caecum, or an ileal pouch using a segment of small intestine. These procedures are usually reserved for patients who have not achieved a vagina of satisfactory capacity from a skin tube vaginoplasty.
In addition, Mr. Bellringer is happy to see patients requesting minor revision surgery, for example to reduce a urethral bulge from an earlier operation, or to address other cosmetic and functional issues.